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Smart parking turned out, over 70% of respondents applauded

The total number of motor vehicles in Nanjing is about 1.88 million, of which the number of cars is about 1.49 million, and the number of cars in the Jiangnan 6th District (hereinafter referred to as the main city) is about 920,000 vehicles. The preliminary statistical results of parking surveys in the main urban area show that the parking berth gap reached 280,000. The contradictory characteristics of parking First, the phenomenon of tides is very obvious. During the day, the contradiction between parking in commercial areas and units is large, and the contradiction between parking at night in residential areas is large. Second, the parking spaces around some hospitals and schools are seriously insufficient and the congestion is very serious. Third, Hexi Longjiang Square, The contradiction between parking in old districts such as Nanhu and Xinjiekou is more prominent.
The Yangzi Evening News reporter learned that in order to ease the parking problem, under the newly built viaduct in Nanjing, new parking spaces will be opened, and the upcoming opening will be Jiangdong Road and Weiqi Road under the elevated parking lot. 250 parking spaces will be provided. According to relevant persons from the Nanjing Municipal Housing and Construction Commission, in order to ensure safety, the parking lot under the viaduct will only be open to small vehicles, and it is strictly forbidden to park the car. The viaduct under construction will take into account the construction of the parking lot under the bridge.
Subway Line 3 Line 10
Will be equipped with 21 parking lots
According to the requirements of Nanjing Urban Parking Facility Planning and Nanjing City Master Plan, Nanjing will increase 15 “P+R” (such as the “P+R”), including the supporting parking lot for the subway, the edge of the main city area, and Tai Feng Road. "P+R" parking lot is "Park and Ride" means park and Ride) Construction of the transfer parking lot.
"The charges at these transfer point parking lots will be based on the maintenance of parking management costs," said Zhang Buhong, a researcher with the Nanjing Construction and Urban Construction Bureau's urban construction office. For example, the current parking lot near the subway station in the Xianlin area was originally The fee is 6 yuan each time. In order to encourage transfer parking, the current parking fee is declining by 20% each time. The Yangzi Evening News reporter learned that the Chengdong Maqun Interchange Center is currently in the preliminary phase of the project. The Jiangbei Taifeng Road Interchange Center is conducting research and solidification of the planning scheme. The two transfer parking lots are expected to provide nearly 2,000 parking spaces. In other places, parking spaces are 200-500.
A parking lot is basically set up around the conditional stations of the subway lines that have already been opened to traffic, and 21 parking places for motor vehicles will be built at the stations of Metro Lines 3 and 10 under construction, and about 6,962 berths are expected to be added. The No. 3 Line allocation of parking lots includes forest farm stations, Gaoxin Road Station, Binjiang Road Station, etc.; Line 10 includes Binjiang Avenue, Nanjing South Station, and Nanjing Station.
Old district
Three-dimensional parking facilities for 74 years
Old residential quarters and school playground civil air defense projects will be the targets of parking facilities. Nanjing has built a public education village, Confucius Temple East archway, Mafu Street (formerly Liuzhong), Chaotiangong, and the cherry blossom garden civil defense engineering underground parking. field. At present, the underground parking lot of Kangsheng Garden and Anhuai East Street is under construction. The underground parking of civil air defense works at Nanhu Stadium and Tianjiabing Middle School is undergoing pre-project work, with a total estimated investment of approximately 667 million yuan. The Municipal Bureau of Transportation used the tunnel mezzanine to construct the parking facilities during the construction of the Weisan Road crossing. It is expected that the main structure will be completed by the end of the year and 600 berths will be provided.
From 2015 to 2017, Nanjing City will also fully explore the parking spaces of existing venues and start construction of People's High School, Ruijin Beicun Primary School, Xiliuwan Park, Maigaoqiao Plaza, Xuanwumen Square and Mendong C2 in the six regions of Jiangnan. There are 74 public parking facilities such as Lot, Paifang Street, 29 Zhonghe West Campus, Baoshang Expo Garden Underground Parking, and three-dimensional parking buildings in Andemen and Liangqiao District. After completion, they will provide a total of 28,200 parking spaces. At the same time, the completion of the construction of parking facilities will be included in the annual assessment of the district.
Dangerous house renovation
Will build 22 parking lots
“The plot of land below 5,000 square meters in the main urban area must be equipped with parking spaces.” Zhang Buhong said that as a rigid demand for land below 5,000 square meters in the main urban area will be prioritized for the improvement of public ancillary service facilities. If due to geography and construction conditions, after technical measures are still not met with the standards for construction, after the approval of the municipal planning authority and the municipal parking management department, the construction unit entrusts the city's housing and urban and rural construction departments to uniformly allocate parking facilities in different places. , And pay parking facilities off-site construction related costs, to ensure that new commercial office and residential area parking berths "new account is not owed."
At the same time, the pace of industrialization of parking facilities construction will be further accelerated, and consultation studies will be conducted on five aspects including fee reductions, capital subsidies, parking fees, commercial facilities, and operation guarantees. Nanjing will promote preferential policies for the construction of public parking facilities and promote parking as soon as possible. Industrialization development, and actively guide the participation of social forces, so that Nanjing parking facilities planning, project reserves, construction, operation and management to embark on a social, industrial, market-based sustainable development track.
In addition, this year, the City Planning Bureau completed the site selection of the first batch of 22 public parking lots (reservoir) construction projects in the urban development and the transformation of the Chengzhong Village and dilapidated houses. The total site area is approximately 158,000 square meters. . At present, the timing of the construction of these parking lots and interchange hubs is uncertain.