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Crane accessories electric hoist shutdown can not run

In the daily use of cranes, will everyone ever experience the sudden shutdown of the electric hoist on the crane? When this problem arises, what should we do? The first thing we must do in this regard is to find out carefully the origin of the fault. First look at whether the power fuse is blown. If there is a break in the power fuse, then the motor can only start with a single phase and the starting torque is zero, which will cause the electric hoist to stop working without a source of power. At this point, everyone should replace the fuse in time. If the internal voltage of the crane grid is very low and the starting torque is positively correlated with the square of the voltage, the motor will not be able to withstand the acceleration torque and the electric hoist will not be able to operate. When the crane lifts a heavy object that exceeds the rated load, the electric hoist may also suddenly stop running. The pilot can perform the test operation by reducing the amount of load he borne. If the motor is found to be operating normally, this indicates that the crane's gear box has failed.